11th August 2017

Future Dystopia

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It was 2160. The world was being poisoned by society when pollution filled the blue sky and made it grey. The sea levels were rising and the world was heating up. Small islands are flooded by the salt filled ocean and islanders are now dying from dehydration. The power cuts out as massive tornadoes rip through power lines of towns. Is this the end?

I lived in New Zealand which had many parts of it that had been flooded. Including where I lived. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. It started off as a normal day at school. It was period one and my class had science which was on the second floor of science block. The science block was new and smelt like the dentist. The floor was newly polished and I could see my reflection. The lights were bright like young stars. The doors opened smoothly with no sound. Suddenly I heard a loud siren which was tsunami warning screaming to everyone in the area followed by the horrid screams of my classmates. My heart dropped and adrenaline rushed through my body then body started to shake and I felt light headed. Minutes later I heard a thump as water bashed against the door on the first story. I ran out into the corridor and looked down the stairs where water and debris was flowing through the first floor. Then I ran back to the class and waited. Time passed and the screams had stopped. Down below the water had calmed. My classmates ran to the window and started to cry. I looked out and everything was destroyed and flooded with water. We had lost everything.

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