Texting has been around for many years now and we have developed new language and new ways of using punctuation. The way we use punctuation and change the meaning of word or the value of the word. For example if you are texting someone and you are listing ideas of where to eat like ” Dominoes?, Kebab??, Red Star???.” Having three question marks can signify that they think Red Star is what you might want the most. Rather than “Dominoes? Kebab? Redstar?” This would seem like they’re all equally as good.

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  1. This does the job, Levi. To develop this further you’d first want to create a much higher impact introduction that explores more about the context of text communication – how it has become a significant form of communication and why your hypothesis might be an interesting now perspective.

    You can look at the examples on the class website to help you see how this might be done.

  2. Levi, I’d encourage you to continue with this piece. After a discussion the other day in class, I think you’ve got a clear idea of the features in that conversation that we were discussing. It would be good to capture that knowledge in writing before too much time passes.


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